OMYF is dedicated to giving young adults opportunities they they would never get anywhere else! That being said OMYF will be enbarking on journeys that no one else has ever done with a team of young of adults; and that first adventure starts with the infamous BAJA 1000!

The BAJA 1000 is the worlds longest point to point non-stop race and the hardest race in north america! According to SCORE-international in 2019 there were 264 racers and there were 145 official finishers. That is only a 54% chance of finishing the race during the 34 hour time limit. During those 34 hours the drivers and teams see some of the toughest terrain and some of the biggest accomplishments. Its not just the driver who gets the truck across the finish line, but the entire crew that makes sure the truck arrives in time! These are the moments that the kids will learn some of the most valuable skills and never forget them. They will apply there creative skills to make sure the truck can continue along its grueling 1000 mile journey through the Mexican landscape.

A project of this magnitude takes quite a team and quite the planning. That is why this year some of the OMYF will be attending the 2021 BAJA 1000 in preparation for the 2022 race. We will be attending the race to see how the other teams prepare before setting off into the desert to become part of BAJA! We will be documenting our journey to share with all of you what it is like to field a Trophy truck. To show the effort that goes into making this team the first of its kind and to share how the young adults grow into out standing team members that are capable of anything!

At this years BAJA 1000 we hope to meet some of the veterans of the sport and connect with them so that we can get some inside knowledge on how they have became successful over the years. We are also hoping to meet some additional sponsors that ant to help get young adults in the desert, and make a major positive impact on there lives!

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