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Midwest to Mexico!

After a very busy and successful SEMA show it is now time to head to Mexico for the super bowl of off-road racing; The Baja 1000!!! The SEMA show was a very successful event! The OMYF team was able to meet with hundreds of people...


OMYF OBJECTIVES AND BREAKDOWN In this brief video the OMYF team goes into better details of our goals and aspirations. We discuss how OMYF is going to achieve there goals, and how we are helping the youth achieve there own goals and become more...

OMYF: The Road To Baja!

OMYF: The Road To Baja!

OMYF is dedicated to giving young adults opportunities they they would never get anywhere else! That being said OMYF will be enbarking on journeys that no one else has ever done with a team of young of adults; and that first adventure starts with the infamous BAJA...

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