After a very busy and successful SEMA show it is now time to head to Mexico for the super bowl of off-road racing; The Baja 1000!!!

The SEMA show was a very successful event! The OMYF team was able to meet with hundreds of people and make fresh new contacts help with the upcoming year of building an unlimited class trophy truck! Overall everyone had a blast and worked together to cover plenty of ground on the show floor as well as work the booth so that everyone go to experience the entire show. It was quite a long week and a very long drive but now we are ready for the BAJA 1000

for this years Baja 1000 five of the OMYF team members will be attending the race as spectators so that we can learn some of the ropes and get our feet wet. The plan is to meet some of the racers and try to learn any tips or pointers that we can learn from them so that it makes our Baja 1000 race that much easier. We hope to learn a lot form the racers and overall have a great experience in Baja